Medical Care

Medical Care

The Sharon Cancer Center and General Hospital provides a vast variety of services. These include:

▪ Preventive and Therapeutic counseling.

▪ Subsidized and free medical care for indigent and poor patients.

▪ Screening for pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions, which include mammogram, Pap-smear biopsies, FNAC and routine examination.

▪ Free consultation in different areas of oncology.

▪ 24 hour emergency medical care.

▪ Subsidized and free surgical treatment.

▪ Hospice care for terminally ill cancer patients.

▪ Radiation therapy services at significantly subsidized rates in Sharon’s partner hospitals

▪ A 24-hour pharmacy that dispenses medicine at a lower cost than the market rate.

▪ A fully operational surgical wing, including three separate operation theaters.


The Sharon Diagnostic Center & Referral Center, which is an ancillary unit of SGC, provides registration, free consultation, counseling, and screening for cancer patients by a radiation oncologist and a general surgeon. The diagnostic center also serves as a hospital registration office for inpatients. The Sharon Diagnostic Center has the following facilities:

▪ Mammogram facility, an X-ray unit, ultrasound scanner, and clinical laboratory

▪ Chemotherapy resource for cancer patients

▪ Operation theaters for emergency surgeries

▪ Gynecology, Pediatric, and General wings

▪ A separate Hospice wing to take care of terminally ill cancer patients

▪ Free ambulance service to transport patients from the hospital to other diagnostic or referral hospitals and vice-versa

In addition to all of this, The Diagnostic and Referral Center has partnerships with other hospitals in Salem where they send cancer patients for radiation therapy in cobalt units.
Our goal is to establish 15 more diagnostic centers in and around Salem.